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The future in the dairy industry.

Take a few minutes to review what we offer. This nation must find a way to save small businesses and farmers. Den-Lock Dairy believes that together we can keep families on the farm. It's a way of life that's in our blood. Please feel free to contact us if you need more information. God Bless!

Franchise production plant designed around your needs. Different levels of ownership. Sell your product in your local area. Take back control of your farm.


You design your plant to fit your needs. Equipment will fit your dairy operation. Den-Lock Dairy requires an on-site lab for testing purposes. 


You choose level of ownership, what products are produced, where you market your products and continue your dairy operation as nomal.

Are you a dairy farmer? Do you have a love for the land and your animals? Are you having trouble finacially because of low milk prices? Are you limited as to who you can sell your milk to?

Our franchise production plant may be your solution. Get control of your future!

Our Vision

Support Team

Den-Lock Dairy will assist with training, marketing, compliance with all Federal, State and Local Regulations. Every step along the way.


Dennis Ashlock

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