Here is just a few things we will provide for you.

Your success is our success. Take control of your future!

Tech & Logistic Help

Den-Lock Dairy will be available to assist you when you need help. Our staff will be happy to assist you to quickly solve any issues.

Let Them Know

The best advertising is word of mouth. But when you need it, Den-Lock Dairy will pay 10% of your advertising dollars in any form of media.

The Clock Is Ticking

Your time is valuable to you and me. The longer you continue to sell your milk at a low price to the large co-ops, the richer they become and your struggles continue to grow. Please pray about this. What does God say to you?

Advisory Board

Den-Lock Dairy wants our franchisee's to have input into this company. One person from each franchise will be placed on the board. You help us continue to improve and solve any problems.

Supply & Brand Package

Supplies and brand packaging will be shipped to your plant. Your name or dairy name and address will be included on logo so that your customers know where your products come from.

Let Us Know

Need more information? We will be happy to answer any questions and get all information to you quickly so you can make an honest decision about your future. Let other dairy farmers you know about our web site. God Bless!